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This 45-hour hybrid (face-to-face sessions and online) course focuses on supporting secondary teachers as they integrate educational technology into their instruction for High School Assessment mastery classes in Algebra, Biology, English and Government.

Teacher-participants (hereafter referred to as participants) will connect theory to best practices through the framework of Universal Design for Learning.

In this course, participants will engage in problem solving, collaborative discussions, hands on practice, and involvement in assessment with flexible choices for diverse student groups. In addition, participants will explore ideas about framing and teaching the content, examine ways to support student understanding, and integrate the MSDE online course materials and other technology tools into daily instruction. To accomplish these goals, we must first get a clear understanding of today’s student. So, who are our learners today and how can we engage them with the technology tools they use?

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This course is divided into two face-to-face and various online sessions (synchronous and asynchronous) that are designed to explore ideas about:

Our hope is that, as a result of this course, participants will promote positive learning experiences for their students, as they collaborate with other teachers and reflect on their experiences in order to improve their understanding of: who they teach, what they teach, and how they teach.

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As a final project, participants will revise or revisit a lesson employing strategies and tools shared in the course to enhance teaching and learning in Algebra, Biology, English and Government.

A copy of the syllabus for the course can be found here

Course Attributions

This course is a product of the College and Career Readiness Support Project, a federal ARRA Title II-D Ed Tech partnership grant, in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education. MSDE has licensed this product under Creative Commons Non-Commercial. For more information on this license, refer to: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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